Free Surveying & Engineering App

Free Surveying & Engineering App

Posted by Matt Ingram on 25th Feb 2021

My tip for this blog is to download a free app that you'll probably love just as much as me! Magnet CONSTRUCT from Topcon has a free version of the app that is super easy to use and really helpful. 

The app can import a wide variety of formats such as txt, tp3, dwg, dxf, shp, xml, dgn and more. Simple tools include checking drawings and coordinates are just what you need, inverse measurement from point to point, area calcs, perimeter calcs and tons more. Data can be viewed in 3D so you can visually check the design before heading out to site. 

What's the difference when purchasing a full licence? Well you can benefit from working directly with your Topcon total station and GPS to carry out surveys and setting out tasks direct from your phone or tablet. 

Here is a short video viewing a CAD file directly from an email:

We have a special offer at the moment based on this package - £5,995+VAT for a full Network Rover GNSS system. This includes Topcon Hiper SR receiver, TopNET corrections licence, GPS pole and Magnet CONSTRUCT licence. If you are an existing robotic user, this package allows you to quickly measure some control on-site to OS and then continue your robotic survey to national coordinates! 

For more information, please call 01244 821777 or email me

Note: Hardware and software compatibility required - contact us for details.