Pipe Lasers

  • Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser

    Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser

    Supplied With: Pipe Laser User Manual Pipe Laser Target Charger and Adapter Remote Control 4 X Feet Features: Large clear display for easy grade reading. Line position, battery status and  level indication. Piper's bright, visible...

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  • Topcon TP-L5A Topcon TP-L5A comes with hard carry case, target, remote control and charger

    Topcon TP-L5A Pipe Laser

    Topcon TP-L5A Red Beam with Auto Alignment / SmartLine World's most accurate grade and leveling World's first SmartLine auto-alignment system Tough cast aluminum housing Built in vertical plumb   Most accurate line of pipe lasers...

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  • Topcon TP-L6G Pipe Laser Topcon TP-L6G Pipe Laser Green Beam Laser

    Topcon TP-L6G Green Beam Pipe laser

    Supplied With: TP-L6G Pipe Laser 6 “ target and insert RC-500 remote Battery Charger Carry case 200mm feet x 4 Battery charger   Features: Compact Design Adds Flexibility Green beam laser Self levelling Optional Plum...

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  • Trimble DG613 Pipe Laser Trimble DG613 Pipe Laser

    Trimble DG613 Pipe Laser

      Compact and agile design Self levelling Line Alert Simple use   Class 3 Laser provides a beam which can be easily spotted. Multiple advanced features which making setting up and using the laser extremely easy, whilst also providing...

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