Total Stations

Long-lasting, trusted and extra rugged - that's Topcon total stations in a nutshell. Enjoy a fast return on your investment thanks to improved productivity - faster measurement time, efficient software workflows and direct integration with vast library of 3rd party software.

Entering the product range is the GM series - these powerful manual total stations can be used for survey and setting out tasks. Stake out a shed position, erect steel, survey a concrete pad or measure field boundaries - this simple but rugged instrument is the starting point in our total station range. 

Next up is the OS series. This series of instruments features a larger, full colour touch screen. Operating Magnet Field the OS enjoys a fantastic software package included survey, full coding and linework, volume reports, surface creation, reference line, stake points, stake lines, enter plan and loads more! Using a USB stick to transfer data, import and export options include DWG, DXF, landXML, txt, csv, google KML + a vast library of other options. 

The GT range is Topcon's flagship robotic total station. Featuring ultrasonic direct drive motors this instrument is the fastest and smallest robotic on the market. Full colour touchscreen on-board or connect to a FC-6000 for robotic work, the GT is a workhorse and your perfect partner in the field.