What's the difference between the Topcon LS-80 and LS-100 Laser Receivers?

What's the difference between the Topcon LS-80 and LS-100 Laser Receivers?

Posted by Matt Ingram on 3rd Dec 2020

Topcon RL-H5A Laser

One of our most popular products is the trusty Topcon RL-H5A rotating laser and our most popular customer question when buying one... What's the different between the Topcon LS-80L receiver and Topcon LS-100D receiver?

There are several features separating these two laser receivers so we've put together a blog post highlighting a few of the main differences.

  1. Firstly the LS-80L has a simple up/down arrow and dead band for when you are level - that's it. The LS-100D has a millimetre reading meaning whenever the laser hits the receiver, you'll get up/down arrows and a specific mm reading accurately  displaying the exact distance to level. This really speeds up your work on site as you can see exactly what action is required to achieve level. 
  2. Beam detection window. The beam detection window is the thin red window running vertically along the receiver and that is where the receiver detects the laser beam. The LS-80L has a 50mm beam detection windows whereas the LS-100D has a larger 90mm beam detection window - this makes it easier to "catch" the laser at a longer distance as you have a larger area on the receiver. 
  3. Environmental Rating. The LS-80L has a IP66 rating where as the LS-100D IP67 rating meaning it is built for harsher conditions on site. 

In summary, the LS-100D has added benefits to improve your productivity on site. It costs a little bit more but is well worth the investment!

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